Saike HE's short Bio

I was born in Zhuozhou, which is a very beautiful city in Hebei_province, China. It is famous for its rice, since  it has been served as imperial rice since 1,400 years ago.

    By retrospecting the period of time in my junior and high school, what I really want to say is: I contemplated, I challenged, I conquered!

    I was admitted to Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) in 2003, my major is Information Automation.  During the 4 years undergraduate campus life, I kept excellent in academic performance, and actively involved in several school associations.

    After obtaining my bachelor¡¯s degree in BUPT, I was recommended for pursuing my master degree with exemption of examinations at School of Information and Telecommunications in my Alma Mater.

    From Oct. 2006 to Dec. 2008, I was employed as a research assistant at France_Telecom Research & Development center, Beijing, China, where opened the vista for my future research work.

    Now, I am serving as a research intern at NEC_Laboratories_China -- an opportunity I quite appreciate, for it satiates my appetite for further research work. At the current time, our team has been preparing for participating in NTCIR-8.


Something else about me

I am a good runner, and excel in long distance running, I have won several medals in my high school. I like running not for the reputation it brings to me, but for the feeling when I am running. To me, the philosophies behind running and life share some similarities. Since our birth, we have actually been running in our daily life. Though we may exactly know the starting point, we are not fully aware of where the destination lies. Every time I felt so tired and was about to give up due to stress from life, it was the appeal inherent in my deep heart that kept spurring me: keep moving, there is only one "lap" left ...

    Though I do not know how many ¡°laps¡± are waiting for me ahead after the current "destination", all I need to do is to get ready for it, for I am always on the way ¡­